Business Freedom

A business that works exactly the same …. with or without you

what we do:

We teach business owners how to create systems

that create their freedom

why we do it:

Because a business that is dependent on you is not the only option

how you benefit:

Provides you with the Freedom to Choose  

Systems create Freedom.

And here’s how

Reason one

Systems take the guesswork out of when, where, and how your business functions by capturing and leveraging your business knowledge base.

Reason two

Defined processes provide clarity and structure and allow employees to complete tasks without constant intervention. This takes you from a business that is dependent on you and transforms it into a business that can be run by anyone.

Reason three

Systems clearly outline “how we do (fill in the blank)”. These systems allow your business to function the same way whether or not you are there. Can someone say vacation?

What makes us different

No doubt you have heard that you need systems to achieve freedom in your business. Unfortunately, no one shows you exactly how to do it.  We specialize in the HOW. Our unique 3 stage process walks you through the EXACT steps to creating systems that create freedom.

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Stage 1: System Creation

01. Capture knowledge

02. Build system

03. Analyze and finalize

Stage 2: System Integration

01. Employee Agreement

02. Structured accountability

03. Implementation

Stage 3: System Sustainability

01. Quality control

02. Scheduled review

03. On-going training

How close is your freedom?

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The Freedom System

The Freedom System is a unique 3 stage process designed to seamlessly guide a business owner through system creation, system integration, and system sustainability. Why is that important? Well, simply put, capturing business knowledge and processes in writing is a great start but it is just not enough. The Freedom System is the solution!

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The Freedom Factor

Do you want the freedom to choose? Freedom to choose to be “just the worker” and have the confidence and accountability that your business is supporting your life. Freedom to choose to sell your business for an incredible profit. Freedom to choose to step back from the daily operations of your business and manage from anywhere.

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System 101

“System” is a boring word for an extremely powerful tool in your business. In short, a system is a written, detailed, step-by-step document that says “this is how we do (fill in the blank).” It is often used interchangeably with process, procedure, program, framework, how-to manual, step-by-step guide, operation manual, etc..

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What others are saying

I have been working with Becky Flemming for several years now on updating and improving our office procedures and programs in order to get the maximum amount of efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness out of our team and our business. The principles she has helped us adopt has opened up so much head space for us to be able to simply be the doctors. We now have systems in place that handle many common daily tasks that in the past have taken so much time and effort to handle.

Dr. Lauren | Owner

Kolowski Chiropractic and Wellness Center

As a small business entrepreneur, systems creation and documentation, no matter your size or how many locations you have, will be a critical step to your success.

George | Owner, Chief Leafster

Happy Lucky's Teahouse and Treasures

Becky took what we do out of our heads, made it even better, and put it in an organized, systematized form so we could reproduce it with predictable results. As a business owner, I couldn’t ask for more that that!

Dr. Brian | Owner


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